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Knitting Rose Yarns is a small yarn dye company based out of Keller, Texas (near Fort Worth). Lise Wilson is the one woman show making Knitting Rose Yarns possible, specializing in hand-dyed sock yarns.

ou can learn more about her and her knitting life on her podcast "Knitting Rose Podcast".  American grown is very important to us.  Our Bison yarn is 100% grown in America by American Bisons.

Why is your shop called Knitting Rose?  Isn't your name Lise?
Yes - my name is Lise.  The name 'Knitting Rose' is in tribute to my grandfather.  My grandfather (PopPop) loved roses.  When he lived in El Paso he had the most beautiful rose garden.  He tended them, loved them, and won several prizes with his exceptional roses.  After I was born, he called me his darling little rose.  Even though he passed away when I was only 5 years old, I still remember him and his love for me.  When I started dyeing yarn, I realized that I was remembering all the beautiful colors of his roses.  It makes me smile to think he is looking down and seeing this colorful tribute to him.