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Summertime knits

May 17, 2017

Summertime knits

Knitting in the Summertime is challenging when you live in a hot climate.  Now that the weather is changing from winter to spring, I have to start changing my knitting habits.  Living in Texas, I am always aware of how hot it is outside and how that relates to my knitting projects.  When it is hot as blazes outside, having a large wool project sitting in my lap is uncomfortable.  I put this in the 'not ideal' category- even if the knitting is done indoors with air-conditioning (That would have to be some serious air-conditioning anyway).  

My favorite summertime knits are an eclectic mix.  They need to meet my 'summer' criteria. I don't want them to be made with heavy wool. Wool in the summertime gets sticky and hot on my lap. I want projects to be small and made with either super wash wool, cotton, linen, hemp or some other easy treat yarn.  The above Stars & Stripes Cowl is made with Budding Tracks yarn which is completely washable. If I am going to sweat on it (which I probably will), I need to be able to toss that puppy in the washer and get it clean.  I have knit on the beach before and sometimes I get sand all over my projects.  If I am knitting by the pool, then I don't want to freak out if it drops in the water.  *Let me note here that I have never dropped any knitting in the water. I just know it could happen.  I would probably freak out regardless, but the knitting would survive.  

Staples of my summer knitting are easy to make cotton beach bags, like the peach colored market bag, or the cute blue crocheted beach bag. 


Sometimes, just having it be a smaller project will make it a summer knit.  Smaller projects that work are socks, cowls, small shawls, hats, and fingerless mitts.  I don't mind smaller items made with wool (as long as I am in the above mentioned serious air-conditioning), but I prefer to use fingering weight super wash wool. For example, the striped sock (right) was knit on a sandy shore with Budding Tracks yarn.   


I will also knit lace when it is hot because lace is light and airy.  Many of my lace projects are done with silk or  bison/silk blends, which are great for summer knitting.  

Another way to keep bulk out of my lap and have a cool knitting experience during the summer is with dishcloths.  Dishcloths are a great favorite of mine.  They can be made with cotton, hemp, linen, or some other durable (and washable) content.  I often use dishcloths to try out different stitch patterns for larger winter projects.

I can do blanket squares in the summer, but that comes close to crossing the hot, sticky line for me.  

This is not a complete list of summer time knits for me.  I know there are other things that I have knit in the summertime.  Some were good choices and some... well, not as great.  I am sure many people have great ideas for summer knits that I haven't mentioned (like toys and baby clothes).  

Comment with some of your favorite summer knits.  

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