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Self-Striping Sock Yarn

July 18, 2016

Self-Striping Sock Yarn

Self-Striping yarn is a favorite sock yarn for knitters.  You can knit a plain sock and come out with a beautiful, fancy sock.  

When I first started dyeing self-striping yarn, I didn't understand the magic of self-striping yarn. I thought it was just a crazy fad. But after I knit my first pair of self-striping socks, I realized that it was a terrific way to get cool socks with minimal effort.  Watching as one color disappears and another takes its place is a real treat. Now I knit almost exclusively with self-striping yarn for socks. It is so much fun to actually see the progression through the colors. It is a self-motivating process! I make an agreement with myself that once I get to a specific color, then I will put the sock down.  But what usually happens is that I keep going for another section (or even two). I don't care if my socks match perfectly.  However, lots of people do want perfectly matched socks.  I find it easy to do with self-striping yarn.  I start the socks in the exact same color change on the socks.  Then I knit the cuff (or toes) to the same point in the colors.  Then I will knit the leg or foot to the same point.  I will continue this process of matching stripes through the entire sock.  Because the self-striping yarn has about 1" per stripe (in my gauge and cast on count), I can roughly measure the sock just by looking at the colors.   

All of Knitting Rose Yarns self-striping yarn is the Budding Tracks bison blend to create a more durable yet luxurious sock.  If you are going to knit the best -  then why not do it in style.  The stripes are approximately 1" wide for the an average of 56-64 stitches cast on in the round with 6-8 stitches per inch. *This is just an average, your mileage may vary.*

Sometimes when dyeing self-striping sock yarn, something can go wrong and If the dye job isn't as precise as I would like it to be, I will discount those skeins. They still make beautiful socks, but there will be a flaw that may make them less than perfect. You can find those skeins peppered throughout the selection of self-striping yarn.  

It is hard to keep the self-striping sock yarn in stock, so order quickly to get the colors you prefer!  If you want a color that is not available, you can always contact me via email or phone and request a special dye lot. Check out the self-striping bison yarn for yourself and see if you don't fall in love with it as I did.  

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