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Poof! It's DONE!

April 24, 2017

Poof!  It's DONE!

I cannot believe it.  The Big Project is done.  I am shocked.  I had no idea I was that close to finishing.  

I knew I was over 50% done because I only had one chart left.  My mistake was looking at how much yarn I had left.  I thought because I still had two skeins of that color, I still had to knit them.  Not true.  I had set aside more yarn than needed because it was a one of a kind dye and I knew I wouldn't be able to get/dye more later.  

I was knitting and plodding along thinking this was going to take forever.  It didn't take forever.  I must admit that I knit on it vigorously.  I kept going with it.  I was devoted to it.   

When I finished it, no one was home.  I wanted to jump up, hoot for joy and high five the world.  I wanted to share in the glory that was finishing!  Instead, I took it to the bathtub to prep for blocking.  I stuck it in the tub and got it to soaking.  After a good soak, I took blocking wires and pins and got to work.  

"About Time" being blocked


Letting it sit for a day to dry and block wasn't easy.  I wanted to keep looking at it and reveling in the finishing of it.  When I took out the wires I started draping it over everything in the house (including me) and took pictures

I finally took a picture in the back yard, just so I could spread it out completely.  (Psst, that's the one at the top of the page).  

But what an emotional void it left.  The project that I had been so devoted to was no longer.  What should I do?  How do I move on? I feel rudderless.  Drifting.  I wonder if other people feel the same loss when they finish something big. Then I wonder what I can possibly cast on that will have the same impact and fill that void.  Should I even try?  Should I just knit on something relaxing and fun?  Should I try for another Wonder Knit?  

I think I will just try to finish another one of my projects.  I will take another one that has been on the needles for over a couple of years and try the 'one row a day' system with it.  

I am going to cast on a worsted weight scarf though.  I mean, really. 



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Monica W
Monica W

April 25, 2017

I know the feeling. After every big project I want to knitting the same small beaded tassels. Something about having to run 9 feet of beads and knitting a familiar pattern helps me reset.

I always swear this time I’m going to keep the beaded tassel for myself and yet I never do. :-)


April 25, 2017

Beautiful !!! I get that same feeling when I finish a challenging pattern; I feel some sort of void and have to find another project to get me going again. I am sure you can find another lace pattern to work on.

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