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Holiday Bag Coming

October 22, 2015

It is that time of year again!  As we get ready for the holidays, we think about all the things we have to do for others, but it is also important to remember to pamper ourselves a little bit.  So we at Knitting Rose Yarns are going to help you by having a HOLIDAY BAG for you!

This years holiday bag will be a little different.  You will be able to customize your bag to pamper yourself the way YOU want!  

If you want just some yarn for a pet project - you can have that.

If you want yarn and a pattern specially created for this holiday season - you can choose that. 

If you want a full pamper package of yarn, pattern and a lovely Knitting Rose Yarns project bag - you can opt in for that.  

You get to create your Holiday Bag the way it best fits your life!

Stay tuned for sale dates and details!

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