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New England morning

October 19, 2015

It has been a wonderful weekend here in New England.  We had a wonderful time in Rhinebeck at the New York Sheep and Wool festival in the Duchess County Fairgrounds.  Just look at the beautiful fall colors that welcomed us as we pulled Miss Betsy into her designated spot.  We were just under these trees at an intersection right in the middle of the fun.  

Once we got everything set up  - we were ready to have a grand time with all of the fiber enthusiasts. 

It was great to see everyone who came by and said hello.  I love it when people stop and say hi.  I know I seem really busy - but I am always happy to say hello.  

Happiness is having yarny friends who give hugs and say hello.  IF YOU HAVE PICTURES PLEASE SEND THEM OVER SO I CAN POST THEM.  My camera/phone was put up and I couldn't get pictures.  

 Now it is recovery time from the show.  We have been staying in a beautiful little farm house and are going to stay another day and close out all the books and try to regroup our thoughts before we move forward.  

Here are some pictures of the farmhouse.
It is a great place to gather thoughts, work on things and relax in the evenings.  Nice and quiet.  I could get used to a sweet little place like this (just sayin').  

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