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Heading to Rhinebeck!

October 10, 2015

Well - I am heading off to Rhinebeck while the hubby holds camp here at home.  

This means that Knitting Rose Yarns will be at Blackland Prairie Artisan Fiber Fair this weekend AND we will have some yarn with the Buffalo Wool Co in Rhinebeck, New York.  

Since I am driving out with the Buffalo Wool Co and will have to stay to their schedule - we are leaving on Monday morning at 4AM!  I didn't realize that there really was a 4 in the morning.  I though it was made up by old people wanting to prove a point.  But it is actually a time.  A really early time.  I will have to be ready.  ACK!  I have so much to do before Monday morning and it is Saturday morning now!  

Later folks! 

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